100% Bark Mulch

Regular Mix

Regular mix is 100% pine and spruce bark mulch

Dark Mix

Dark mix is one of the most popular. It is 100% pine spruce bark that has been aged for its natural dark color.


Cedar is natural, without any dyes or chemicals


Premium is 100% bark mixture of spruce and hemlock


100% Hemlock is hard to find, but we have it! Smells great and has a nice shredded texture.

Red Cedar

Red Cedar is dyed with food coloring for a vibrant color.

Northern Pine

Northern Pine is 100% Pine bark


If you want the darkest 100% bark then you should choose black. It is dyed naturally with food coloring.

Aged Hemlock

Aged Hemlock is Max's specialty mix. Shh... its a secret. We keep it out in the back field. It is 100% bark but in a limited batch. Get it until its gone!